Work Accident Claim

Work Accident Claim.

If you have been injured  due to no fault of your own we can assist you claim compensation.

Altius Law solicitors have successfully represented many employees get back on their feet on the road to recovery.

Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe and secure workplace and  competent co-workers.

They must ensure there are adequate materials and equipment. A safe system of work with proper training and supervision.

As a result of being injured or suffering an Accident at Work you may feel reluctant to make a claim against your employer. Consequently you may  fear victimisation or even losing your job.

Accidents are common place and your employer should have insurance  should an accident happen.

If you are suffering or have suffered an Accident at Work you may be entitled to compensation.

You may be unsure of your claim rights and need further help and advice. Contact us and one of our friendly team will talk you through the claims process in a friendly professional manner.

We speak to you in plain English.  Every step of your personal injury compensation claim is handled with the utmost professionalism.



Employers responsibility

Because in  the UK there are strict guidelines and laws that employers must follow. This is  to ensure they provide a safe working environment for their employees. Most of all they must  protect employees safety and minimize the risk of personal injury or danger to staff.

Can you imagine the scenario if employers did not have to protect the safety of their staff. People would be going to work each day worried about what will happen to them that day.

If you employer have failed in any way and you have suffered a personal injury.  By not claiming compensation it sends out a message they can neglect their responsibilities.

The next accident that happens  could be a lot more serious or even fatal.

All claims are handled by experienced Law Society Solicitors who will offer straight forward clear advice.

With many years experience  handling personal injury claims,  our clients deserve the highest standards of service.

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Work Accident Claim