Pedestrian Accident Claims

Pedestrian Accident Claims

Being involved in an accident as a pedestrian is an unfortunate thing. Most accidents involving a vehicle hitting a pedestrian are often caused by a lack of concentration by the driver or by inattentive motorists who have total disregard for the pedestrians.

But the good news is that, just like any other accident victim, pedestrians have a right to claim compensation.

Being hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian has the potential of causing unimaginable damage to the victims and quite often injuries are very serious and require lengthy rehab and medical care.

We understand that you have a choice of which Solicitor to use. Its important  to choose  your solicitor carefully and ensure they have experience of pedestrian accident claims as they are often complex.

We have assisted thousands of innocent pedestrians make accident claims for compensation. 

Altius Law work on a genuine no win no fee agreement which means there is no financial risk win or lose.


It is quite common for there to be disputes over liability or who is to blame and quite often if there are no witnesses, Insurers avoid admitting liability.

The process of pedestrian accident claims involves proving that the other person was responsible for the accident. You must prove that the driver was negligent and not you, which can be a bit tricky in some cases.

This is often a long process that requires a personal injury Solicitor. Trying to do it yourself would be very difficult and it is important you seek professional assistance to guide you through the personal injury claim process.

Our team of experts are committed to seeing to ensuring our clients get maximum compensation. We have no hidden charges and will keep you fully updated at all times.

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