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One of the main reasons why people avoid starting a compensation claim is the fear of legal costs and the fees that may be incurred during the proceedings. We understand what a pain it is to part with hard earned money in such a stressful time.

At Compclaim, we have complete sympathy for your suffering. Therefore we provide our services on a no cost basis.

The injuries and damages incurred due to your accident can cause financial hardship and have a detrimental effect on your personal and family life. You deserve to be compensated for your suffering and losses. Our experienced panel of Personal Iinjury Solicitors have successfully represented many accident victims and recovered the compensation that they deserved.

If you have been inured due to the negligence of a third party and have suffered a personal injury contact Compclaim today. Whether as a result of a road traffic accident, accident at work or due to a trip slip or fall.

Compclaim understands your suffering and empathizes with you. Our no cost program is just tailor made for your requirements during this traumatic time. Our panel of experienced personal injury Solicitors will speak to you in plain English and you receive all of your compensation.

What is “No Cost”?

At Compclaim, we assure you of our full support so that you can go about your compensation claim with confidence. Our panel of expert Personal Injury Solicitors will fight your case on your behalf.

There are no expensive loans or insurance policies and you will never be asked for any money to pursue your case. Our panels of Solicitors are all Law Society Members and if you lose your case they forgo their fees. You will never pay anything win or lose.At no point of time, before, during or after the proceedings, will any of our Personal Injury panel Solicitors ask you for any money.

We will give you an honest assessment of your chances of success. If your accident was the fault of a third party and was in the last 3 years then contact us today. At Compclaim, the most important person in the claim process is you. We will ensure that we walk you through the whole claim process and provide a professional quality service.

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