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ACCIDENT : An accident is something going wrong unexpectedly. Physical examples include an unavoidable collision (including a person or object falling by chance). The term is also loosely applied to mean any undesirable outcome, even if it could have been avoided, such as getting injured by touching something sharp, hot, electrically live, ingesting poisons, or other injuries caused by lack of ordinary precautions.

COMPENSATION : In legal use, this is the amount an injured party receives to help make reparations after a physical injury or loss, and is often paid by the insurance company of the party causing the damage. Compensation is where you receive recompense for a loss you have suffered as the result of an accident that was not your fault.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE : Failure to exercise the care toward others which would reasonably be expected of a person in the circumstances, or taking action which a reasonable person would not. The failure to exercise the care that an ordinary prudent person would exercise: either doing that which a prudent person would not do, or failing to do that which a prudent person would do. Negligence is another term for Fault or Liability. Fault. To succeed in a claim for compensation you must prove that someone else was negligent (at fault or liable).

NO COST EVER : no cost ever generally means that if a compensation firm takes on your claim for compensation, they will not charge you a fee for their time and effort if the claim is unsuccessful.

PERSONAL INJURIES : Injuries can be classified by the intent or purposefulness of occurrence in two categories, intentional and unintentional injuries. Intentional injuries are ones that are purposely inflicted and often associated with violence. These include child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, aggravated assault, homicide, and suicide. Unintentional injuries include only those injuries that occur without intent of harm and are not purposely inflicted. Injury to an individual, which can occur in any number of ways (some examples: automobile accident, a slip and fall incident, a dog bite, a boating accident, etc).

ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT : Car accidents are unintentional damaging events involving automobiles. Car accidents can damage one or more autos, people, or structures. Car accidents-also called traffic accidents, auto accidents, road accidents, road traffic accidents (RTA in many police forces’ terminology) and motor vehicle accidents-cause thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of disabilities each year.


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