Cyclist accident Claim

Cyclist accident claim

Being a cyclist on today's busy roads can be a daunting experience.If you have been injured as a cyclist due to somebody elses negligence, you may be entitled to make a cyclist accident claim.

Everyone  seems to be in a rush and it only takes a moments lack of concentration for a motorist not to see a cyclist and accidents can happen.

It's not really a fair match when a cyclist is hit  by a vehicle so it's important that you get the expert personal injury team from Altius Law on your side.

Quite often such claims are very contentious and have to be litigated. Motorists try and heap the blame on the cyclist and it's sometimes difficult to ensure they take responsibility for the accident.



Altius Law offer a no win no fee  scheme and have a specialist cyclist  accident claim team.

We believe that it is your accident and you should receive maximum compensation in successful cases.

Many firms will offer a no win no fee service but what happens if you win?

We have built our business on referrals and returning clients and we appreciate you have a choice of who represents you.

Starting  your claim is simple. Call 0845 053 16010  to speak to one of our specialist cyclist accident  claim team or complete our online form and we call you back.

Remember we offer a genuine no win no fee service so you have nothing to lose.

cyclist accident claim