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Whiplash Claim Process

The whiplash claim process may at first seem scary but it is relatively straight forward. It is important that you seek legal advice and representation from an experienced Solicitor to guide you through the whole whiplash claim process.

After your accident you must obtain all of the details of the third party such as their name, address, insurance details and any witnesses to the accident. In road traffic accidents if there is any dispute regarding liability or any serious injuries you must inform the police and your insurance company immediately.

If you start to experience the typical symptoms of whiplash, neck, back or shoulder pains then you should make an appointment at your doctors or hospital to ensure that your injuries are checked out. They will recommend the best treatment and medication and they will also have a record of your injuries.

Our Solicitors will take details from you of the accident to enable them to build up your case and to ensure that they we enough information to start the whiplash claim process.

We will then write to the third party or to their insurance company informing them that you wish to make a claim for personal injury compensation. They will set out the circumstances of the accident and set out the reasons why they believe their insured is negligent and responsible for your suffering.

During this time your Solicitor may obtain your medical records from your hospital or Doctor and make arrangements for you to attend a medical examination.

The most common medical experts used in the whiplash claim process are orthopedic surgeons as they have the most experience in these kinds of claims. Once your report is prepared your whiplash injury Solicitor will review the extent of your injuries and the medical expert’s prognosis of your recovery period .They will prepare a statement of all of your losses and any expenses incurred and will seek to recover these from the other side’s insurers.

After the investigation period is complete the third party must respond admitting or denying liability .If there is an admission your Solicitor will put forward a offer to the other side of the amount of compensation that they believe your accident is worth.

This will be based on the length of pain and suffering to date and compensation for future suffering. Also any loss of earnings and potential earnings will be claimed for and any uninsured losses incurred.

Under the whiplash claims process the third party will accept the amount as reasonable and agree or will make an offer in settlement. If no offer is forthcoming or the third party does not answer to correspondence then your Solicitor may have to issue court proceedings.

All claims are handled by experienced Law Society Solicitors who will offer straight forward clear advice. With many years experience in handling personal injury claims, we believe our clients deserve the highest standards of service.

We speak to you in plain English and ensure that every step of your personal injury compensation claim is handled with the utmost professionalism.

If you would like to discuss your whiplash claim in absolute confidence complete our no obligation application form and one of our advisors will call you back or call us now on 0845 053 1601


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