Whiplash symptoms

Many people suffer whiplash symptoms when hit in the rear by another vehicle or when have been in a road traffic accident. The term has traditionally been used only for rear end shunts but is now used to describe all types of soft tissue neck and back injuries.

Typical whiplash injury and whiplash symptoms are pains to the neck, shoulder and back. Many people suffer dizziness and headaches and feel a dull throb in their neck a tingling sensation in their arms.

The pain can also extend into the shoulders and back region. It is a soft tissue injury and is caused by your neck muscles suddenly been stretched and pushed in a way that they are not used to.

Symptoms of whiplash can become apparent immediately or can take anything from a couple of hours to several days to develop. Pain killers can assist for short term pain relief but it is important that you seek medical advice if the pain becomes too much.

Dependant on your symptoms the whiplash recovery period can differ from person to person. To aid your recovery physiotherapy may assist as it has been shown that receiving early treatment can improve the recovery period.

It is important that you record all details of the accident of the accident and the other parties details when claiming compensation for whiplash injuries.

This will enable your personal injury solicitor to process your claim quickly and efficiently and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Remember also to keep an accurate record of the date and time of the accident, any witness details and the insurance and vehicle details of the guilty party.



With the increase in traffic on the roads whiplash injuries are becoming more common and many people seek to claim  compensation for the ordeal that they have suffered. Whiplash symptoms connected with the accident may only become apparent a day or so after the accident.

The amount of whiplash compensation you receive is calculated by considering the length of time you suffer pain due to your  injury and the degree of pain that you experience.

You will also be able to recover compensation for any restrictions to your home or family life and recover any uninsured losses and expenses that you have incurred due to the accident.

Uninsured losses are medication, traveling expenses, vehicle repairs and damage to your vehicle.

Johnson Law  will guide you through the whiplash claim process . Often it can be a complicated process if both sides blame each other in a road traffic accident.

It is important to ensure that you get professional representation from a Solicitor to pursue your whiplash claim.

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Many people suffer whiplash symptoms after a car accident .Altius Law can assist